Thursday, 2 January 2014

nanoblock Tweezers Review

Have you been building and taking apart nanoblock sets using just your fingers? Sometimes, you need to place a small piece at a cramped location and your fingers are too fat to fit. Taking apart nanoblock bricks can also be a real pain, especially if you have just cut your nails recently. 

Well, I bring good news. There is an official nanoblock tool made to take most of your pain away. nanoblock Tweezers (NB-019) is a solid steel tweezer designed specially for nanoblock use. I bought mine from Plamoya for about USD12.00.

It comes in a simple plastic bag packaging with instructions on the back showing you how to use the tool properly. As you can see below, it looks really solid. When you hold it in your hands, the substantial weight (25.3g) makes it feel really solid too. It is definitely very well made and I love the quality. 

What makes this tool special is the tip that was designed to properly hold onto the stud of a nanoblock brick. When I use it to grip a brick while applying reasonable force on the tweezer, it really holds onto the brick very tightly thanks to the perfect fit. 

Specially designed tip
It holds onto a brick securely

Personally, I still prefer to use my fingers when building because it is just a lot more convenient. It is only when you need to place a brick in some inaccessible location that the tweezer comes in handy. The tip of the tweezer is designed to fit in tight spaces as shown below.

Where this tool really shines is when you need to disassemble a nanoblock set. When you need to pull apart nanoblock bricks, having this tweezer makes it so much easier and faster. No more worries about damaging your nails. The best way to use this tool to pull bricks apart is to grip the end stud and pull straight up. 

Especially for the bigger bricks, grip the end stud
to pull it apart. 

I tried to use excessive strength to grip the tweezer to see if it might damage a brick, but the brick still looks fine, so you do not have to worry about damaging bricks.


If you plan to nanoblock a lot, especially if you take apart your nanoblock sets often, I would highly recommend getting this tweezer. It may be a bit expensive, but I believe it is worth the price for the kind of quality you are getting. 

You can get this nanoblock tweezer from Amazon and Plamoya.

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