nanoblock Year End Super Sale 2014

Welcome to Chris's Nanoblock Blog's Year End Sale. I am organising this sale as a group purchase (kinda like Groupon) in order to get the kind of discounts I am offering you below. Note that I am not really doing this as a business, I am just trying to help you get nanoblock at a cheaper price, so some of the process to place your order is not that convenient. Your understanding is much appreciated. Also, please place an order only if you are serious about buying it. 

You can also invite your friends and let them know about this sale at this Facebook event.

What is the offer?

  • 15% discount for orders RM250 (~US$75) and above
  • 25% discount for orders RM470 (~US$140) and above
So, if you order RM470 worth of products, at 25% discount, you only need to pay RM352.50. You can gather your friends and buy more in a single order to enjoy the higher discount.

Up-to-date exchange rates can be found here. RM = Malaysian Ringgit.

How does it work?

Step 1
Browse the product list below and decide how many of which items you wish to purchase. Submit your order to latest BY Wednesday, 11.59pm (GMT+8) Nov 26, 2014. If you can submit earlier, it would be really helpful. Please *double-check* your orders to make sure they are correct. You also need to include your full name, full mailing address (including post code and country), phone number and preferred payment method (Bank Transfer/Bank In is for Malaysia only). Here is an example email:

Name: XXXX
Address: XXXX
Zip/Post Code: XXXX
City: XXXX
Country: XXXX
Payment Method: Paypal/CreditCard/Bank Transfer/Bank-in

NBM-800-06-014,  Standard Color Set,  RM159.90 : 2
NB-800-03-017D,  Space Centre DX Edition,  RM299.90 : 1

Step 2
I will compile all your orders and check with the available stock (Probably takes 2-3 days). Orders will be fulfilled in the order they come in, so if we do not have enough stock for everyone, those who submitted their orders earlier will get priority. 

Step 3
Once I have confirmed there is stock to meet your *complete* order, I will send you an email (around Dec 1) with the list of items you ordered, the actual shipping cost, the total and how to make the payment. You will need to make the payment within 2 days to confirm your order.

If there is not enough stock to meet your complete order, I will send you an email to let you know which items are out of stock, and you can decide if you would like to add other items to complete your order.

Step 4
After the payment deadline is over, I will proceed to get all the stock, then pack them and ship it out in the order that your orders came in. You will receive an email with the tracking code to track your package. I hope to ship all orders out by Dec 8-9.

Product List

The following items are available during this sale. Prices shown are BEFORE discount. Please DO NOT ASK about items not LISTED BELOW because they are NOT available. To view photos and other details of the products, you can download these PDF files (file 1, file 2 , file 3, file 4).  (This file is only for reference. It contains most of the items listed below, as well as others that are NOT in stock.) or look in sites like Plamoya, Amazon, etc. Note the weight shown below are just approximates, the sets in zip-lock bags for example can vary in weight between 20g-80g).

Basic Sets (445g)
NBM-800-06-014,  Standard Color Set, 445g,  RM159.90
NBM-800-06-015,  Monotone Color Set, 445g,  RM159.90
NBM-800-06-016,  Clear Color Set, 445g, RM169.90 
800-00-NB011, LED Plate, 100g, RM39.90

Deluxe Set
NB-800-03-017D,  Space Centre DX Edition,  1015g, RM299.90

Middle Series (225g)
NBM-800-06-003,  Statue of Liberty, RM99.90 ,
NBM-800-06-004,  Empire State Building, RM99.90
NBM-800-06-006,  Motorcycle, RM99.90
NBM-800-06-001,  Steam Locomotive, 350g, RM159.90

House Series (140g)
800-02-001I, Traditional Japanese House, RM79.90
800-02-002I, Resort Cottage, RM79.90
800-02-003I, Studio Apartment, RM79.90

Marine Life (80g)
NBC-800-01-081,  Green Sea Turtle,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-082,  Great White Shark,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-084,  Giant Squid,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-086,  Fiddler Crab,  RM35.90

Holiday Series
NBH-800-10-034B, X'mas House 2012, 150g, RM79.90
NBC-800-10-042,  Snowman, 80g,  RM35.90
NBH-800-10-058B, Big X'mas Tree 2013, 147g, RM79.90
NBC-800-10-063,  Santa Claus, 80g, RM35.90
NBC-800-10-064,  Snowman 2012, 80g, RM35.90
NBH-800-10-077B, Christmas Set 2014, 150g, RM79.90
NBC-800-10-098,  Santa Claus & Reindeer 2013, 90g, RM35.90
NBC-800-10-099,  Santa Claus & X'mas Tree 2013, 90g, RM35.90
NBC-800-10-100,  Snowman & X'mas Tree 2013, 90g,  RM35.90
NBC-800-10-124,  Jack-O-Lantern 2014, 90g,  RM35.90
NBC-800-10-126,  Santa Claus with Bicycle, 50g,  RM35.90
NBC-800-10-127,  Santa Claus with Chimney, 50g,  RM35.90

Sights To See Series (150g)
NBH-800-02-004B,  Rives De La Seine A Paris (Eiffel Tower),  RM69.90
NBH-800-02-008B,  Taj Mahal,  RM69.90
NBH-800-02-009B,  Moai Statues of Easter Island,  RM69.90
NBH-800-02-010B,  Neuschwanstein Castle,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-011B,  Kinkakuji Temple,  RM69.90
NBH-800-02-014B,  Space Center,  RM79.90
NBH-800-20-017B,  Torii of Itsukushima Shrine,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-029B,  Big Ben,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-030B,  Torre Di Pisa,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-033B,  Great Pyramid of Giza,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-043B,  Molen Kinderdijk-Elshout,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-051B,  Saint Basil's Cathedral,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-052B,  Sydney Opera House,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-054B,  Kaminarimon Gate,  RM69.90
NBH-800-02-065B,  Tower Bridge,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-066B,  The Parthenon,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-072B,  Hot Rod,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-073B,  Pickup Truck,  RM79.90
NBH-800-02-075B,  The Arc De Triomphe,  RM79.90

Sanrio Series (50g)
NBCC-800-08-001,  Hello Kitty,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-002,  My Melody,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-003,  Little Twin Stars Kiki,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-004,  Little Twin Stars Lala,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-005,  PomPom Purin,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-006,  Cinnamon roll,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-007,  Kuromi,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-008,  Charmmy Kitty,  RM39.90
NBCC-800-08-010, kawaii-series Hello Kitty, RM35.90
NBCC-800-08-011, kawaii-series My Melody, RM35.90
NBCC-800-08-012, kawaii-series Cinnamoroll, RM35.90 
NBCC-800-08-013, kawaii-series Kero Kero Keroppi, RM35.90

800-08-055B, Block Art Hello Kitty, 130g, RM79.90
800-08-056B, Kitty & Mimmy Nakayoshi Park, 130g, RM79.90
800-08-057B, Hello Kitty Marine Cruise, 130g, RM79.90
800-08-055B, Hello Kitty with Big Ribbon, 160g, RM109.90

Mini Collection Series (50g)
NBC-800-01-004,  Budgerigar,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-005,  Hokkaido Inu,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-006,  Giraffe,  RM29.90
NBC-800-20-012,  Polar Bear,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-016,  Budgerigar Blue Opaline,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-019,  Giant Panda,  RM35.90, 
NBC-800-01-020,  Koala,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-021,  Duck,  RM29.90
NBC-800-20-022,  Meerkat,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-030,  Rabbit,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-031,  Maneki Neko,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-032, American Shorthair, RM29.90
NBC-800-01-034,  Red & Green Macaw,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-035,  African Elephant,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-044,  Dragon,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-045,  Daruma,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-049,  Hippopotamus,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-054,  Sheep,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-055,  Greater Flamingo,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-057,  Lion,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-058,  Nile Crocodile,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-059,  Eurasian Eagle Owl,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-061,  Mallard,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-067,  Maneki Neko BLACK,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-076,  Fox,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-077,  Toco Toucan,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-078,  Hummingbird,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-092,  Kangaroo,  RM29.90
NBC-800-01-094,  Giraffe (New Version),  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-101,  White Horse,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-102,  Fukusuke,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-104,  Bengal Tiger,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-105,  Zebra,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-120,  Schnauzer,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-121,  Chihuahua,  RM35.90

Dinosaurs (50g)
NBC-800-01-111,  T-Rex,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-112,  Triceratops,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-113,  Stegosaurus,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-114,  Brachiosaurus Skeleton,  RM35.90

Musical Instruments (50g)
NBC-800-01-017,  Grand Piano,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-018,  Violin,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-023,  Electric Guitar,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-024,  Drum Set,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-037,  Electric Guitar RED,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-038,  Synthesizer,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-051,  Electric Bass,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-053,  Grand Piano White,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-095,  Electric Guitar Blue,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-096,  Acoustic Guitar,  RM35.90
NBC-800-01-106,  Alto Saxophone,  RM35.90

Pokemon Series (40g)
NBPM-800-09-001, Pikachu, RM39.90 

NBPM-800-09-002, Hitokage, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-003, Fushigidane, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-004, Zenigmae, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-005, Eievui, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-006, Mewtwo, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-007, Gengar, RM39.90 
NBPM-800-09-008, Lizardon, RM39.90 

Insect Series (60g)
NBC-800-05-002,  Giraffe Stag Beetle,  RM39.90
NBC-800-05-003,  Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle,  RM39.90
NBC-800-05-004,  Praying Mantis,  RM39.90
NBC-800-05-005,  Asian Giant Hornet,  RM39.90
NBC-800-05-008,  Chestnut Tiger Butterfly,  RM39.90

Sport Series (60g)
NBC-800-20-001,  Swimming,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-002,  Athletics,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-003,  Martial Arts,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-004,  Ball Game,  RM35.90
NBC-800-20-005,  Gymnastics,  RM35.90


For Malaysians, you can transfer the amount to the specified bank account (Maybank) or bank-in. This method does not incur any extra charges.

For Non-Malaysians and payment by Credit Card or Paypal, there is a 5% processing fee. I wish I can absorb the fees, but I cannot due to the very thin margin. 

Shipping & Handling

Shipping - Malaysia
Poslaju will be used for shipping in Malaysia. For shipping within Peninsula Malaysia, the Prepaid Poslaju Envelope/Box will be used when possible. I will use the cheapest prepaid Poslaju envelope/box big enough to ship your items. Standard Poslaju will be used for Sabah/Sarawak. You can refer to this link to estimate shipping costs.

Shipping - Rest of the World
Fedex Pak will be used for shipping outside Malaysia. Please see this link for shipping estimates. If your order are for small items, I may use Registered Airmail instead for lower shipping fees. Rest assured, I will offer you the lowest cost option when possible.

All items will be bubble-wrapped and shipped in an envelope. For boxed items, the contents will be taken out from the box, the box will be carefully flattened and everything will be shipped in a bubble envelope. You will receive the full contents of the box, including the box itself. 

Why are the boxed sets not shipped as is? Because nanoblock boxed sets usually comes with big boxes that take up a lot of volume, even though the content itself only takes up a small amount of space in the box. Shipping companies charge by actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. So big boxes will cost much more to ship, even though the actual weight is a lot less.

As an example, the Deluxe Space Center's actual weight is around 0.72kg, but it's volumetric weight is almost double due to the huge box.