Thursday 5 December 2013

DIY: Lighting for nanoblock

The only official method of lighting your nanoblock creations is by using the nanoblock LED Base Plate. That is useful for bigger designs, but what if you want to light up something smaller? Here is a simply DIY solution that will cost you RM5 and just a minute of your time.

Buy this LED key chain from Daiso. You can also search eBay for it.
What's cool about this particular LED keychain is that
the LED + battery holder + switch is all in one removable
module as you can see above.
As you can see, it is pretty compact.
It is also bright and colourful. It cycles through the
various colours in alternating slow waves and
fast flickers. 
Here you can see the battery. They should be good
for 10-12 hours of use.
You can stick it to a piece of 2x4 brick using bluetack,
or hot glue gun if you want it more permanent. Now, it is
ready for use. 
Here is an example of our DIY LED light being used
to light up a tiny house. The switch is accessible thru
that small hole you see behind the house.
Here is what the house looks like lighted up.

Below is a video of the lights in use. Looks like they are having a party in there =D

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