Monday 30 December 2013

nanoblock Limited Edition Deluxe Maneki Neko Released

The Deluxe Maneki Neko which I created using the bricks from 4 normal Maneki Neko sets is now available for order. It uses over 560+ bricks (out of 600+ bricks included). It is being released as a limited edition with a limit of only 100 sets and the build instructions will not be publicly released.

Each set will come with:
  • Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by myself and stamped with a seal.
  • Printed Build Instructions for Deluxe Maneki Neko.
  • Four sets of normal Maneki Neko (NBC-031) for the bricks.
  • A sticker with my signature which you can stick to the bottom of your Deluxe Maneki Neko to show it is a limited edition.
  • Feeling good that you are helping to support an aspiring brick artist =P

Here are photos and video of my Deluxe Maneki Neko:

Note: The actual set will not have a black layer
at the bottom under the red base. This is just a prototype.

Deluxe Maneki Neko (Right) next to normal
Maneki Neko for size and design comparison.
This is a sample of the certificate. The actual
certificate will be printed on nicer paper.
The normal nanoblock Maneki Neko sets included.

The price is RM159.  (52 sets sold so far)

RM is Ringgit Malaysia. USD1 is about RM3.30. 

Free shipping in Malaysia using PosLaju.

International orders will be shipped using REGISTERED AIR MAIL (Takes 4-10 Working Days). Please add the price below for each set purchased. For example, if you are in Zone 1 and you buy  3 sets, please add RM27.

Zone 1: Add RM12
Zone 2: Add RM14
Zone 3: Add RM22

Zone 1: Asean countries: Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
Zone 2: Countries in Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, etc
Zone 3: Other countries

If you buy more than 3 sets, I may switch to using FedEx for better rates. In that case, I will let you know the better shipping rate by email.

How to Order
Please send an email to by Feb 6, 2014 (11.59pm GMT+8). In the email, please include the details below:

Name: XXXX
Payment Method: Paypal/CreditCard/Bank Transfer/Bank-in

Limited Edition Deluxe Maneki Neko: XX set

On Feb 7, I will email you with details on how to make the payment. I hope to ship out all orders within a week.

nanoblock Fox Review

Difficulty: Level 3
Time to Complete: 20 minutes
No of Blocks: 120+
Item Code: NBC-076

Fox is a common name for many species of alert omnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Foxes are small-to-medium-size canids (slightly smaller than a medium-size domestic dog), with a flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a pointed, slightly upturned snout, and a long bushy tail. More info on Wikipedia.

This nanoblock Fox is a small set that comes in a zip-lock bag containing 120+ bricks and a small instruction sheet. What is interesting about this set for custom builders is the colour of the bricks. Most of the bricks are a shade of medium brown, similar to the ones in the Kangaroo set. 

Building this set is fairly easy, even though it is rated at difficulty level 3. I think it is more like a level 2. Below are some photos of the build process.

Extra bricks included with this set

There is a surprising amount of bricks left over. Overall, I think it is a nice looking fox. Here are many more photos of the completed build.

You can find this on Amazon.

Friday 27 December 2013

nanoblock Deluxe Maneki Neko

My Deluxe Maneki Neko made using 560+ bricks from 4 Maneki Neko sets =) ... I am considering releasing this as a limited edition (Limited to 100), sold in a pack containing the 4 Maneki Neko sets, printed build instructions and a serial numbered limited edition certificate of authenticity signed by me, the brick artist who created this design =P ... If you're interested, please message me on my Facebook page.

My Deluxe Maneki Neko next to the original Maneki Neko

Video of Deluxe Maneki Neko:

I have also submitted this design for the nanoblock Award 2013-2014. Please vote for me here. Thank you =)

Monday 23 December 2013

Giant nanoblock Snowman

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I created this giant snowman using around 1600+ bricks. He stands at 20cm tall. As you can see in the photos, he's about to destroy a tiny house ... Hahaha ...

Here's a video of the Giant Snowman:

If you like my creation, please vote for it here in the nanoblock Award 2013-2014. Thank you! =)

Friday 20 December 2013

nanoblock Apple Store - The Famous Glass Cube

The most famous Apple Store in the world is the iconic glass cube on Fifth Avenue. This was something that I had been planning and designing in my head for quite some time and only recently got around to building it. I used around 2000+ bricks (estimated) in building this. 

The glass cube serves as an entrance to the actual store below by going down a glass spiral staircase. The center column of the staircase is an elevator. Please click to see bigger pics.

The glass staircase

You can see the Genius Bar at the back and
accessories shelf beside it.

Really tiny iMacs

Next to an iPhone for scale

Wired up some white LEDs into the store

Here's a video tour

UPDATE: I just added lights to the nanoblock Apple Store!

If you think this is cool, please vote for this design in nanoblock Award 2013-2014. Thanks!

Apple fans, you might also want to check out the nanoblock Steve Jobs I created two years back as a tribute to Steve.

Do follow me on Facebook for all my latest creations.

Thursday 19 December 2013

NEW! nanoblock White Horse & Fukusuke

Hi guys, there are two new nanoblock set arrivals for the new year, the White Horse and Fukusuke. If there is enough interest in them, I will arrange a group buy. Buy 2 or more at RM30 each (Normal Price: RM35.90) and FREE shipping in Malaysia. If you are interested, just leave a message over here with which/how many you want 

Wednesday 18 December 2013

nanoblock Postcard - Santa Claus & Wreath Review

Photos & Review By: Wendy Lim
Text By: Wendy Lim & Christopher Tan

Time to complete: 25 minutes
Item code:  NP-019

Front of postcard

Christmas is just around the corner, so we are doing a review of a nanoblock Christmas postcard today. This is second in the series of nanoblock Christmas postcards and was released in October 2013. It allows you to build a Santa Claus sitting on a gift box and a Christmas wreath. 

Back of postcard 
Information sheet and transparent stickers
The bricks in this set

This postcard set did not have any specified difficulty like what you would normally find in standard nanoblock sets. There are three parts to assemble: Santa (サンタ), Present (プラセント) & Wreath (リース). 

The build instructions are different from the ones usually included with nanoblock sets and they are all in Japanese, making it quite a challenge. You can see this in the photo below. The key thing is to note the position of the different colour stars from one step to the next and place your bricks relative to the position of these stars.

Here are some photos of the completed build. 

I am starting to like nanoblock postcards. This is the second nanoblock postcard I bought from Japan. It definitely makes a great gift for yourself or your nanoblock loving friends.

Note: This is available in Amazon.