Wednesday 20 May 2015

Thursday 14 May 2015

nanoblock Apple Watch Dock

I want a docking stand for my Apple Watch, so I figure I might as well build one myself using nanoblock. After several hours and many hundreds of bricks later, here is what I created =) ... 

The cost to get all the nanoblock bricks needed to build this would likely make it one of the most expensive Apple Watch dock around. If you're looking to DIY a cheap dock, this is not what you're looking for ... Hahaa ... 

You might also want to check out my nanoblock Apple Watch here.

Monday 11 May 2015

My Singapore Trip

In my short trip to Singapore last week, met up with many old friends, business associates and fans =D ... Walked over 26km in 3 days ... Hahahaa ... 

Monday 4 May 2015

Chris Is Coming to Singapore

Hi guys, I'll be in Singapore this weekend and I'll be meeting up with fellow nanoBuilders and nanoblock fans =) ... It's just a casual gathering in Starbucks to chit-chat, have some coffee and I am happy to answer any questions you have =D ... Looking forward to seeing you guys! =D 

I will also be bringing along some #chrisnanocam to start the #chrisnanocam social experiment in Singapore! =)

Venue: Starbucks in Bedok Mall
Time: 2.30pm

Do "Join" this Facebook event to keep updated on any changes, just in case =)

Saturday 2 May 2015

Friday 1 May 2015

nanoblock Vs Real Apple Watch

Yessssss, I finally got my Apple Watch! =D ... so now I can put it next to my nanoblock Apple Watch to compare ... Heheheheee ...