Friday 29 November 2013

DIY: nanoblock Keychain

How would you like to have a keychain that allows you to alter its design whenever you feel like it? A keychain that allows you to show off your creativity? Well, here is a simple DIY nanoblock keychain that you can do in just 3 minutes. Have fun!

You need a small nanoblock base plate and a cuticle nipper. You can
use a big nail clipper, wire cutter or something similar if you don't have a
cuticle nipper.

Use the cuticle nipper to trim off one of the corner stud. Place the blades
of the cutter at the base of the stud, apply some pressure, and slowly
rotate the cutter side to side so that you are cutting the stud at the base.
Continue until the stud comes off completely. You can use the cutter to
trim any leftover bits of the stud until it's completely flat.

Here you can see the stud has been completely removed. There would
already be a small round hole present after removing the stud. If the
metal connecting ring for your keychain is thick, you can poke the sharp
point of a scissors blade into the hole, apply a bit of pressure and rotate
left and right to make the hole bigger. 

Here we insert the keychain's metal connecting ring. You can use two
pliers, one holding each side of the ring, then twist one side until both
ends of the ring meet to form a complete ring.

Attach the keyring and it is done.

Now you can go ahead and design your nanoblock keychain however you
like. You can also add another small base plate and fill it up with lots of
small bricks like above and attach it to the bottom of the keychain
base plate.

Here is how it looks like with the extra base plate and brick layer attached.

Another view.

Now you can detach the bottom base plate and use the bricks to
redesign your keychain anytime, anywhere. It is like having your
own portable nanoblock set =)

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