The #chrisnanocam Social Experiment

Welcome to the home of #chrisnanocam Social Experiment!

The point of this experiment is to see how far the camera above will travel all around the world, how many people will participate and most importantly, what kinda crazy, creative, funny and mind blowing selfies everyone will snap with this camera =) ... 

In a sense, #chrisnanocam becomes a community in itself and everyday, we get to take a peek at who else have joined in our experiment. Isn't that exciting? =D ... I can't wait to see you on #chrisnanocam!

There is also a Facebook Group for this experiment if you want to keep updated on what's happening with this experiment, like when the camera travels to another country, etc.

To start off this experiment, I will have two cameras released into the wild in Malaysia and another unit will be released in Singapore shortly =) ... If you're lucky, it will be coming your way soon! 

Latest #chrisnanocam Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does it have to be a selfie?
    While a selfie is preferred, it is not a hard rule. You are encouraged to be creative! =)
  2. Is it compulsory to post on Instagram? Can I post to Facebook instead?
    Yes, participation in this experiment requires posting on Instagram because the hashtag allows us to see the photos posted by all participants. Facebook allows hashtag as well, but unfortunately, it doesn't show all photos. However, it doesn't mean that you can't still post your photo on Facebook or anywhere else. So if you don't use Instagram, feel free to still snap a pic and post to anywhere you like =)

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