Wednesday 5 February 2014

nanoblock Fukusuke Review

Reviewed by StealthEagle

Name: Fukusuke
Japanese name: 福助
Category: Mini Collections
Level: 2
Item Code: NBC_102

Fukusuke is a traditional china doll in Japan commonly associated with bringing good luck and prosperity to people and businesses. He is also one of the auspicious icons of the Japanese New Year. You can read more about Fukusuke by clicking here

Contents of the Package

I was attracted by the vibrant colours of the packaging and the blocks inside, and so I decided to get it as a future reference for creating human figures.

For someone who is out of the collecting scene, I was happy to see that the instructions are big enough so anyone doesn’t have to use a magnifying glass to read. There is a block count for each step so you can pick out the required blocks before building; I guess Kawada learnt some stuff from Lego.

There was one thing that puzzled me the most; no base plate was included.

360° of the completed model

My only complaint about this build was how difficult the first 2 steps were; it was very annoying to see blocks of the 1st layer shifted when I tried building the second layer. After getting the first few hurdles, everything went smoothly.

I love how the distinctive appearance like the shape and colours of Fukusuke’s kamishimo is captured beautifully in blocky style. If I don’t know the name of this little charm, I would have thought he is a caricature of a old Japanese cartoon .

As usual, Kawada is very generous on giving lots of extra blocks although there is very use of them unless I dissembled the Fukusuke model.

Extra flesh coloured and special blocks after building

I would like to see more of these Japanese lucky charms by Kawada in the future. Not only these are fun to collect, they are also educational to people who are interested in the culture of Japan.

Thanks to StealthEagle for this review.

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