Monday 17 February 2014

nanoblock Pokemon Gengar, Charizard & Mewtwo Preorder

You can preorder them now! Click here for the preorder. There is also Facebook event for this over here. Invite all your friends! Yes, I ship WORLDWIDE. For price and shipping estimates, please go to the preorder link.

They are expected to be released in June 2014. Closer to that date, I will email you to confirm your order and provide you with the payment details. 

Note that the shipping cost is an estimate. I do not have the product in hand yet, so I don't know their exact weight. For orders above 500g, I will likely be using Fedex as it is cheaper in many countries. Rest assured, I will find you the cheapest method of shipping.

Also, I won't know for sure if I can get enough stock for everyone, so I will fulfill orders in the order they come in. If you want to be sure of getting yours, then please place your order early.

Please place your order only if you are serious about buying, as I will be using your preorders to place an actual order, so I have to pay for these items first. Thanks everyone! =)

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