Thursday 10 April 2014

Christopher Tan nanoblock Exhibition : Malaysia

It's finally happening! My first major nanoblock art exhibition! Please tell all your friends and family okay? ^^ ... Click here for more info.

This exhibition is sponsored by Elite Toys (M) Sdn Bhd and Kinokuniya.

About Christopher Tan

Christopher Tan is an internationally renowned full-time nanoblock brick artist based in Malaysia. His unrelenting passion for popular culture, eccentric art and architecture has been the driving force behind the successful creation of over 200 distinctive designs. The popularity of his nanoblock designs have earned him an amazing cult following across the globe, fuelling a new craze amongst ardent new enthusiasts of all ages. Christopher’s blog is now the most popular nanoblock blog in the world, reaching over 30,000 fans. 

Constantly on the lookout for random inspirations for his next masterpiece, Christopher is now embarking on a series of exhibitions around the world. This exhibition features many of his most popular designs. 

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