Thursday 6 November 2014

nanoblock Kumamon Review

Difficulty: Level 2
Time to Complete: 30 Minutes
Item Code: NBH_074

Kumamon is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. He was first created in 2010 for a campaign called Kumamoto Surprise to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen line opened. Kumamon subsequently became nationally popular, and in late 2011, was voted top in a nationwide survey of mascots, collectively known as Yuru-kyara, garnering over 280,000 votes. More info from Wikipedia.

This Kumamon nanoblock set is only available in Japan, and I bought it when I was in Tokyo recently. They are sold in most places that sells nanoblock, like Bic Camera, Yodobashi, Loft, etc. The box does not mention the number of bricks included in this set, but you can see from the photo below that it does in fact come with quite a lot of bricks.

Some of the more interesting bricks in this set

It took me about half an hour to build this. I really like the design of this nanoblock Kumamon. It's really cute. Also, I really like the way it's designed. There is a certain beauty to it.

You can see photos of the finished build below.

The extra bricks included in this set

For custom builders, this set is also cool because it comes with a lot of the black and yellow angled-bricks.

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