Wednesday 2 July 2014

nanoGauge Steam Lomotive Quick Review

nanoGauge is the new series of nanoblock based train sets from Kawada. If you love nanoblock and trains, then you'll love these. 

Today, we take a look at the nanoGauge Steam Locomotive (nGT_006). I got it from here at discount, if you're interested. There are many different train designs available in the nanoGauge series, but this is my personal favourite. 

The bricks and instruction sheet in this set
The special bricks in this set

The interesting thing about nanoGauge trains is that they come with a bunch of new types of bricks that you rarely, if ever, see anywhere else. These special bricks allows you to build things with a smooth top. Below are photos of the completed train.

Extra bricks included in this set

It was quite easy to build, nothing particularly challenging. The end result looks great, as you have seen above. While these nanoGauge trains are designed to be used with the full kit that comes with the motorised units, rails, etc, they can also be built and displayed by itself, like in the photos above. If you like trains, I say go for it! =)

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