Monday 7 July 2014

Review: nanoGauge Shinkansen Series E6

Today, we take a look at another train from the nanoGauge series, the Shinkansen Series E6 (nGT_003). For those who didn't already know, nanoGauge is a train set series based on nanoblock. 

A bit about this train from Wikipedia:
The E6 series is a Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train type operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) on Komachi "mini-shinkansen" services on the Tohoku Shinkansen and Akita Shinkansen from Tokyo to Akita since 16 March 2013. A pre-production set was delivered in June 2010 for extensive testing, with 23 full-production sets delivered between November 2012 and spring 2014. Click here to read more.

The bricks and instruction sheet included in this set

The special bricks in this set

This set is rated at a difficulty level of 3, but there is nothing particularly tricky about the build. What I like about the nanoGauge trains are the special bricks Kawada introduced to make the trains look more aerodynamic. If you're a custom builder, these bricks could come in very handy.

The extra bricks included in this set

Below are photos of the completed train. As you can see, it's a nice looking train and the special bricks were put to good use. 

The Shinkansen Series E6 next to the Steam Locomotive.

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