Wednesday 16 July 2014

Review: nanoGauge Class 923 Doctor Yellow

There are several different train models in the nanoGauge series. In this review, we will be taking a look at the Class 923 Doctor Yellow (nGT_004).

Doctor Yellow is the nickname for the high-speed test trains that are used on the Japanese Shinkansen ("Bullet Train") dedicated express passenger train routes. The trains have special equipment on board to monitor the condition of the track and overhead wire, including special instrumented bogies and observation blisters. The 'Doctor' part of the name is from their test and diagnostic function, and the 'Yellow' part comes from the bright yellow color they are all painted. More info on Wikipedia.

The bricks and instruction sheet in this set
Some of the special bricks in this set

Similar to other trains in the nanoGauge series, the build is quite straight forward, even though it has a difficulty rating of 4. There is nothing particularly tricky. The only part that might be a bit frustrating is the first step. I like all the new types of special bricks included in this set which lets you build a more aerodynamic looking train. As a custom builder, I am excited by all the possibilities these special bricks bring.

Extra bricks included in this set

Below are photos of the completed train. I think it is a really nice looking design. If you have the nanoGauge Basic Full Set, you can attach this train to the motor and boogie units and let it run on the track.

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