Monday, 6 January 2014

nanoblock Monotone Color Set Review

Difficulty: Level 1 - 3
No of Blocks: 800+
Item Code: NB-015

Front of the box
Back of the box

Recently, Kawada introduced several new basic sets. I have already reviewed the Clear Color Set, so today we take a look at the new Monotone Color Set (NB-015). 

Compared to the older Monotone Color Set (NB-002) , this new set adds 6 types of bricks: 1x3, 1x3 rounded-edge, 1x4 rounded-edge, 1x2 single-stud, ball-joint male, ball-joint female. You can see all the different types of bricks in the photo below. The bricks still come in four colour variations and 800+ pieces like before, but because of all the new types of bricks, there are now a lot less of each type. Also, another difference is that the new set is made in China, while the old set was made in Japan. 

The bricks in this set

The contents of this set

In the box, you will find the bricks packed in many small plastic bags and a large instruction sheet containing the instructions for building seven different designs. They also show you which designs can be build simultaneously, which is nice.

Below are photos of all the designs you can build from the included instructions. Most of them are fairly easy to build. 

If you like to build your own creations, there is no doubt that you should get this nanoblock set. Out of all the different basic sets, I actually bought the most monotone sets because these colours are used very often. Also, now that there are less of each type of brick due to the inclusion of more variety, you might want to get more than just one box.

You can get this Monotone Color Set online at Plamoya or Amazon.

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