Friday 20 December 2013

nanoblock Apple Store - The Famous Glass Cube

The most famous Apple Store in the world is the iconic glass cube on Fifth Avenue. This was something that I had been planning and designing in my head for quite some time and only recently got around to building it. I used around 2000+ bricks (estimated) in building this. 

The glass cube serves as an entrance to the actual store below by going down a glass spiral staircase. The center column of the staircase is an elevator. Please click to see bigger pics.

The glass staircase

You can see the Genius Bar at the back and
accessories shelf beside it.

Really tiny iMacs

Next to an iPhone for scale

Wired up some white LEDs into the store

Here's a video tour

UPDATE: I just added lights to the nanoblock Apple Store!

If you think this is cool, please vote for this design in nanoblock Award 2013-2014. Thanks!

Apple fans, you might also want to check out the nanoblock Steve Jobs I created two years back as a tribute to Steve.

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  1. Hi Chris. Il definitely love this. I'm a fan of Apple too. I dream to go in this apple center one day, but I can't now. I hope one day. I hope you came back, and you come back ! so.... And I like to thank you to be in your links, very proud of this.I'm not magician like you but, maybe, it can help me to create a french community. Thank you to create a little parts of dream.