Wednesday 18 December 2013

nanoblock Postcard - Santa Claus & Wreath Review

Photos & Review By: Wendy Lim
Text By: Wendy Lim & Christopher Tan

Time to complete: 25 minutes
Item code:  NP-019

Front of postcard

Christmas is just around the corner, so we are doing a review of a nanoblock Christmas postcard today. This is second in the series of nanoblock Christmas postcards and was released in October 2013. It allows you to build a Santa Claus sitting on a gift box and a Christmas wreath. 

Back of postcard 
Information sheet and transparent stickers
The bricks in this set

This postcard set did not have any specified difficulty like what you would normally find in standard nanoblock sets. There are three parts to assemble: Santa (サンタ), Present (プラセント) & Wreath (リース). 

The build instructions are different from the ones usually included with nanoblock sets and they are all in Japanese, making it quite a challenge. You can see this in the photo below. The key thing is to note the position of the different colour stars from one step to the next and place your bricks relative to the position of these stars.

Here are some photos of the completed build. 

I am starting to like nanoblock postcards. This is the second nanoblock postcard I bought from Japan. It definitely makes a great gift for yourself or your nanoblock loving friends.

Note: This is available in Amazon.

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