Friday 13 December 2013

nanoblock Penguin Postcard Review

Photos & Review By: Ada Tse
Text By: Ada Tse & Christopher Tan

Time to Complete: 25 minutes
Item Code: NP-014

The front of the postcard

Today, we take a look at the nanoblock penguin postcard (NP-014). Generally, this is a Japan only release so you rarely see this carried by retailers outside Japan. My friend who travelled to Tokyo helped me buy this particular set. Now, lets take a look inside.

Back of the postcard with information sheet and transparent stickers
The information sheet 
Back of the postcard with a small window
to see the nanoblock inside

Here you can see the blocks nicely packed inside the postcard arranged in a single layer. There is a large sheet of transparent sticker on top of the bricks to hold them in place. You can gently peel the sticker from the postcard and the bricks will come out with the sticker. Build instructions are printed on the inside of the postcard.

Bricks still stuck on the sticker

It took me around 25 minutes to build this set containing a big penguin, a baby penguin and a gift box. Below are photos of the build process.

The extra bricks included with this set

The penguins are very cute! I think this nanoblock postcard makes a lovely gift for friends and works with any occasion. 

Note: You can find this on Amazon.


  1. Hi, I just got back from tokyo and bought the Pikachu & Charmender Nanoblock from the Pokemon Centre. But unfortunately the base plate not included. Do you have any idea where to buy the basic plate? Try to search online but only found the LED plate.

    1. See link: