Sunday 9 October 2011

Maoi Statues on Easter Island nanoblock Set Review

Difficulty: Level 2
Time to Complete: 45 mins
No of Blocks: 320+
Item Code: NBH-009
Price: RM69.90

Moai are monolithic human figures carved from rock on the Polynesian island of Easter Island between the years 1250 and 1500. Most moai statues have overly large heads three-fifths the size of their bodies. Though moai are whole-body statues, they are commonly referred to as "Easter Island heads".

The nanoblock Maoi Statues of Easter Island set comes in a relatively small box, with over 320+ pieces of building blocks, and a sheet of instruction paper to show you how to build your very own moai statues. You get three statues in all.

The blocks and instruction paper. That's over 320+ blocks. 

This is a "Level 2" nanoblock set, so it's relatively easy to put together. It took me around 45 minutes to put it all together. The build process is quite straight forward, and all maoi statue heads are identical, so you basically just repeat the process three times. Here are some pics of the build process.

And here is the final result. It closely resembles the real moai statues protruding from the ground. These nanoblock versions of the moai statues stands at just over 6cm tall, and makes for a really cool desktop decoration.

The nanoblock Maoi Statues on Easter Island set retails at RM69.90, and you can get them from Toys R Us, Action City, Kinokuniya, Popular Bookshop and XL Shop in Malaysia now.  You can also find it in my store.

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  1. It's tough for me to make out the instruction sheet as to where the block separation is. I still haven't gotten past the base. I probably would be able to understand the instructions if it were in black & white. I tried drawing lines on the instruction sheet as to where the white 'guide' lines are to show the size of the block to use when the instructions places them right next to each other but it's still hard for me to make it out.