Tuesday 25 October 2011

nanoblock Jack-O-Lantern Review

Difficulty: Level 1
Time to Complete: 20 mins
No of Blocks: 130+
Item Code: NBC-040

The nanoblock Jack-O-Lantern set comes in a zip-lock bag packaging, with over 130+ pieces of building blocks, and a sheet of instruction paper to show you how to build a cute halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

The packets of blocks and instruction paper. 

That's over 130+ blocks.

This is a "Level 1" nanoblock set, but I would actually rate it a "Level 2" because some parts of the build process is a little tricky, but nothing too difficult. I was able to build this jack-o-lantern in about 20 minutes. Here are some pics of the build process.

And here is the final result. It stands at just over 5cm tall.

If you have the nanoblock LED base plate (NB-011), you can do this by removing some of the bottom pieces of the jack-o-lantern.

This nanoblock Jack-o-Lantern is a limited edition that is only officially available in Japan, though some parallel importers in some countries may import it. I bought mine online from Plamoya.  You can also find it in my Amazon.com store.

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