Saturday 29 October 2011

nanoblock Tokyo Skytree Review

Difficulty: Level 5
Time to Complete: 120 mins
No of Blocks: 490+
Item Code: NBH-022
Price: Not Available

The Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant and observation tower under construction in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It has been the tallest artificial structure in Japan since 2010. The nanoblock Tokyo Skytree set comes in a medium sized box packaging, with over 550+ pieces of building blocks, and a large sheet of instruction paper to show you how to build it.

The blocks and instruction paper. That's over 490+ blocks.

This is a "Level 5" nanoblock set, making it the hardest nanoblock set I have build so far. It took me around two hours to put it all together. There are several challenging factors in building this set. The first one would be the fact that the main part of the structure is really quite flimsy, so adding more pieces on top of it is a delicate operation. If you use too much strength, you will bring the whole structure crashing down. The second factor is the fact that you need to angle the bricks at certain angles as you are building the Skytree upwards, and there are no indicators on how much you need to angle them, so it all comes down to rough estimations. If you keep making slightly wrong estimations as you add each level, you end up with a tower that does not look right. Here are some pics of the build process.

And here is the fully assembled Tokyo Skytree. It stands at about 27cm tall, making it one of the tallest nanoblock set currently available.

If you have the nanoblock LED base plate (separate purchase), you can light up the Tokyo Skytree.

This nanoblock Tokyo Skytree set is only officially available in Japan, though some parallel importers in some countries may import it. I bought mine online from Plamoya (Links: Tokyo Skytree, LED Base Plate).  You can also find it in my store.

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  1. how did you get the base to stand up??? the main part of the tower keeps collapsing on me, i cant even but the 3 base pieces together TT

  2. I agree. This was definitely the hardest one I've put together so far as well.

  3. Is there anyway I could get a scanned copy of the instructions from you? I bought the set but my son lost them in his frustration.